I'm working on Testomato least four years as PHP/JS Developer. Testomato starts as one man project, from green field, based on ideas of Michal Illich.

Testomato is a cloud-based automated monitoring tool for checks any type of websites and alerts you to problems. It's fast and easiest way to monitor websites automatically!

The Testomato Engine

  • Nette Framework and Zend Framework 1
  • Mysql, Memcached, Mongodb, Redis
  • our own Minicrawler
  • git, Selenium and unit tests

The Testomato Face

  • Twitter Bootstrap with LESS
  • Angular JS, jQuery and Javascript

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Zdrojak.cz is one of most known czech mags about development. Current version is based on Wordpress with a specific modifications.

I joined to Zdrojak.cz since rebirth and stay as main developer to present days.

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Sphido Logo

A rocket fast, lightweight, flat file CMS for PHP

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  • omSuggestContent - A plugin for suggest post content from registered users.
  • omSocialButtons - Simple plugin for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Flatter social buttons in Wordpress posts
  • omShares - Automatically update number of shares via different social networks
  • omLightBox - Simple Lightbox for Wordpress
  • omPreformat - Plugin for adding preformatted text to post easily
  • omSocialLogin - Login via Facebook, Twitter of G+
  • omEmoji - Add bunch of emoticons to posts
  • omRememberMe - Always remember Wordpress user for ever after successful login
  • omLinks - Wordpress plugin in post URL replacement
  • omUserPhotos - Add custom user photo
  • omTaxonomyImages - Add images for taxonomies
  • and more


Simple Time Track

is successfull (17K+ users / 4.9 ) time tracking plugin for Google Chrome… and it's open source.

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and more…